Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Indycann, LLC., Through its new campaign vehicle (IndyCann.org), formerly known as the Higher Fellowship, is founded exclusively by Bobbie Jo Young and operated by a dedicated group of people in support of Indiana’s communities abroad. We are focused on many State-Wide issues that involve the health and well-being of our fellow Hoosiers throughout the State. IndyCann is recognized, not only in Indiana, but Nationally our Lobbying Group has gained National Attention.

Our main focus is educating the public by providing non-political party facts, not rhetoric or conjecture, to show our State’s Government, that we want a positive change.

We welcome all those, who want change, to join us in our cause any way they can in support of our organization so we can help our state grow and move forward to a better future for Indiana.

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Our Mission

Protecting the rights and well-being of Indiana citizens

Promoting the rights and well-being of every individual, in everything we do.


Supporting Medical Marijuana programs for medically necessary patients throughout Indiana.


Focus on reaching the Indiana Government, to pass legislation, to help Terminally Ill Patients.

Promote Change & Save a Life

Every day people are dying from overdosing
on dangerous addictive opioid prescription
medications that do not improve their quality of
life. Take a stand and stop the madness. There is a
better way that is shown to be a better solution.


What Our Supporters Throughout the State Are Saying

It's always a pleasure to see David and Bobbie get the message out to every Hoosier - they know what they we need in this State and that is why they achieve their goals talking to politicians to make changes. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your hard work!

Brett Lewis

Their performance in the most controversial of causes has been above and beyond. Their research and proven facts should help every citizen know that what they are promoting is a life saving alternative. It can reduce deaths and overall crime in Indiana. We need a change for the better not live in the stone-ages. Thanks a lot to your group and I look forward to your continued efforts with our political system!

Dianna Young

You've done a wonderful job helping those with terminal illnesses have a better alternative than addictive drugs to ease their suffering. Educating public awareness is the key and hopefully our government will see that this as a positive solution for all those who are afflicted. You have my support and I will definitely join you as a volunteer!

Lorraine Franklin

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