Patient and Family Support

Family members are also caught up in the medicinal cannabis issue when they see that this is good medicine for their loved one. Parents, spouses, siblings and even the sons and daughters see that cannabis helps relieve the suffering of their loved ones and can’t understand why this isn’t readily available. Some family members find themselves in back alleys or parking lots trying to buy this medicine on the black market.

Patients Out of Time are exactly that – patients who need this medicine now. Despite all the exciting research and political progress, despite a growing number of states that have passed medical marijuana laws, and as more doctors tell patients that Cannabis could help them – even now legions of America’s chronically ill have no means or hope of acquiring medical-grade Cannabis in amounts necessary to alleviate their suffering. They are forced to rely on pharmaceutical medications with debilitating side-effects – often narcotics that slow down gastro-intestinal and other bodily processes – unsuitable for treatment of chronic, prolonged illnesses. Often the suffering have to sign a “pain contract” that forbids the use of Cannabis as an adjunct medicine (enforced with urine tests) – even as science now shows using Cannabis can enable chronic pain patients to reduce their pain pills by up to two-thirds.

We offer support groups for families in needs by providing education material and professional assistance programs to help these families in desperate need in the State of Indiana. Your donation can help us help family members who are in need of medicinal marijuana to States that this medicine is legal.

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