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IndyCann – Volunteer Team Member

We are organizing events in every county of Indiana. We need your help to help us spread the message. We have many events scheduled and we can help you connect with local organizers.

Volunteer Programs:

  • Contact local politicians
    Speak with local politicians with details about the date/time of the events.
  • Organize Public Speakers
    Speak with and coordinate special guest who will attend our town hall meetings and public rallies to speak at our events.
  • Organize Public Media
    Contact local news agencies and newspapers to inform them of upcoming events and who will be in attendance.
  • Information Distribution and Public Awareness
    Locally post and distribute flyers and media materials to the general public.
  • Public Attendance and Support
    Join us at local events and town hall meetings to show support to the public and assist us in setting up event equipment and transportation.
  • Support Donations and Sponsorship
    Events take precious time and money to organize and produce materials to educate the public and local politicians. Every donation goes 100% to producing educational materials and expenses associated in getting the word out.

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